Hard floor Coverings

Hard flooring, not to be confused with “hardwood” floors are composed of materials which include both glass or ceramic tiles, cement or concrete and other natural stones and minerals.. One of the most common types of hard flooring is ceramic tile, a product made of clay and cured in fire. Installing ceramic tile, entails setting each piece in a bed of mastic, a resin exuded from the bark of a Mediterranean tree.

Ceramic tiles come in a variety of types, including quarry tile, terracotta and porcelain.  Another common source of tiles, derive from natural stones and come in lots of different sizes, thicknesses and shapes. The most common types like,  Mosaic, Porcelain and Marble require the same type of installation as tiles made from Ceramic. Yet another option for hard floors is Concrete or Cement, which is often used for their durability and ability to be treated for a different feels.